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Old April 11th, 2011, 06:41 AM
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Default Armstrong Ultra V Tech 80 Problem

I have a blower motor problem....

The blower motor will come on and run in the wrong direction...I first noticed this last summer...I checked into the problem by asking around and I was told it was the run capacitor causing the problem...So I took the whole motor assembly out with run capacitors connected as a unit and took it to a HVAC parts house..told him my problem and he said he could test it...
He took to his test room and came back up front and said that he simulated a signal for it to start as it would at my home and it went the correct direction every time he did it...(which was 10-15 times)
He said Sir there is nothing wrong with this blower motor or run capacitor..!!

We discussed the problem and I decided to replace the motor and capacitor anyway since I had it out and it was 6 years old anyway...

Well needless to say the problem is still not fixed...

It will only do this in the A/C mode...all through the winter it never came on and turned the wrong direction..Never that we know of...??!! I checked it all winter long and never found it running the wrong way..!!!

But here it is April and we had to turn on the A/C and it will come on SOMETIMES and turn the correct way and blow out the vents as it is supposed to and right in the middle of the cooling process it will start turning the wrong direction.. it is very easy to tell when it does it because it is blowing against the air filter and causing it to shake and vibrate the vent due to is is blowing instead of sucking air through it...!!!

I can turn the system off for a few minutes and and cut it back on and it will "sometimes" turn on and blow the correct way as you can look at the air filter and watch it suck it upward when it turning correctly and also we have a fake plant near the bathroom ceiling vent and it will briskly blow the leaves'\...

But only for a short time and the low and behold it will reverse itself and start all over again without the system cycling off..It will reverse itself during a cooling cycle without ever shutting down...!!!

I have had a repair man come to the house and check it and he says that he cant find anything wrong and that I should just replace the whole unit for $7000...
Of couse my wife called and I told him to get of my damn house and stop trying to screw me over...
There is something causing this ....Any ideas..!!!
Oh and i forgot to mention he charged us $200 for nothing but a bull crap answer...!!!!!

Please...any suggestions..!!!
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