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Electrical Exam Preparations Preparing and studying for your upcoming electrical examinaton ? Where here to help !

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Old June 28th, 2010, 04:47 PM
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Default WA Admin. Test/Load Calc./Duplex


I'm an 01 Journeyman due for my third round of Load Calc. portion testing for the WA Admin. I believe I have one more month to make the attempt. I just made the commitment to follow through today and am very pleased to have stumbled upon this site.

Being almost 11 months since I made the second attempt-60%, 60% first attempt-my detailed recollection of the stumble causing questions is cloudy. Excuse me if I present ill-prepared. I wanted to start dialogue ASAP.

On both failed tests, I skipped the involved industrial and large commercial calculations, leaving me with two questions per test that involved SINGLE SERVICE DUPLEXES. To put it vaguely, since I have no choice at the moment, both questions were almost identical, with only slight load differences. What made them ALL similar was the fact they all had seperate A/C and heating units. I had tryed many variations and percentages in working the four units into the single service equation. I haven't put all the relevant code puzzle peices together yet.

Any leads will be helpful, I have yet to find a similar example.

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Old June 28th, 2010, 05:40 PM
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I have no idea how to answer your question.
I will offer this piece of info. The AC and heating will not be on at the same time. Probably only need to consider the higher of the two when calculating.
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Old June 28th, 2010, 09:56 PM
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The only other factor that comes to mind is if you're using the optional calculation and you have electric heat, there is a demand factor based on the number of independently controlled heaters. The standard calculation has no such factor. The standard calculation has a 75% factor for 4 or more appliances fastened in place (except for HVAC, ranges, dryers). Hopefully, the intent of those questions is to show how different each calculation can be in certain situations.

I don't know how detailed they get on these tests. There are many different types of heating and cooling systems. Sometimes a unit runs that may not be obvious (e.g. the fan of a gas furnace still runs if you have central air). If they just tell you X KVA of heating and Y KVA of cooling, then just use those numbers and don't overthink. If they go one step further (baseboard heat, window unit air conditioners) then it is still the same problem. If they say heat pump, I'd want a whole lot more information to be able to answer the question.
Kent, WA
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