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Thread: Can I build over existing sewer line

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    Default Can I build over existing sewer line

    We are planning ot expand out house. We are planning to expand such that the new addition will be located over a sewer line that goes from our pool house. The addition will be over a crawl space and the sewer line is below the depth for the footing. ALso, the sewer line would enter almost perpendicular to a wall and exit almost perpendicular to the opposite wall. We are located in the San Francisco Bay Area.
    1. Is it OK to build over the existing sewer line PVC), or should I relocate it to go outside the addition?



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    Sure why not it's you sewer line and it's already under the existing building.
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    As long as it is sched 30 or 40 it is ok to build over it. I would add a cleanout outside the new foundation and read the astm numbers on the pipe to verify it meets code. You do not want to build over class 200 sewer and drain.

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