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Thread: installing light with existing vinyl siding

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    Default installing light with existing vinyl siding

    Just had a garage built last fall and i am ready to do the electrical. Had the builder prep the outside for light fixtures. Of course, they were put everywhere but where i actually needed them. On both sides of both garage doors but not next to the entrance door. Question is: what is the best way to put a fixture up when the vinyl siding is already in place.

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    The best supplier for mounting blocks for existing vinyl siding is here....


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    On a similar note what method do people prefer to mount a meter pan on vinyl siding? I have seen a plastic mounting block that has a large groove that the siding fits under to cover the cutout edges of the siding. But it seems as if it might be easier to simply cutout the imprint of the meter base and caulk up the sides. Any thoughts on prefered methods?

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    You can cut a piece of plywood the thickness of your J channel, mount it to the side of your house, cover with metal coil that matches your siding. Put J channel around it, all set. Works good with phone/cable boxes. Possible to do with lights, faucets, ect.

    YOu can use a higher grade of wood and paint it instead of wrapping with coil stock.

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