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Thread: Furnace's Electric Pilot Light Keeps Sparking/Ticking?

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    Default Furnace's Electric Pilot Light Keeps Sparking/Ticking?

    Was wondering if anyone could tell me what is needed to remedy the situation I have.

    When I turn on my forced air heater, the electric pilot light sparks repeatedly to light the pilot light as it should. The problem is that it doesn't really stop once the furnace is running, it keeps sparking away giving off a really annoying tick tick tick tick tick... noise. Is this something that can be easily fixed. Will I need a new electric pilot light?

    Thanks for any help!

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    Anyone ?

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    Default ticking ignitor

    Not sure what you have but you can try these options if you have spark to pilot it could be a dirty pilot lite pilot should be strong making slight roaring sound if you have a flame probe a little rod that the flamecovers you can clean this steel wool or lite sandpaper .

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