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Thread: Furnace wont kick on

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    Default Furnace wont kick on

    I have a natural gas furnace. The pilot is lit but it wont kick on when I turn the thermostat up. I even unhooked the thermostat and touched the 2 wires together and still nothing. Please help, its cold

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    I'm not a heating and cooling expert but I have and Idea, only because it happened to me last year.

    I had the same problem, I called a service and was waiting for them.... they said they were busy until the next day..... this was 10 o'clock at night.

    So I went downstairs to look at the furnace again, I made sure the dog didn't hit the switch, I checked the fuse, I even checked the filter. I don't know why I checked the filter but I'm glad I did because as I bent don't to pull it out I push against the furnace cover and it went on and them off.

    The safety switch on the furnace cover was not engaging because the door was off just a hair. so I took the cover off, bent the rim a little, put it back on and the furnace has been fine ever since.

    I hope your problem is that simple

    Check it out

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    Default Fixed the problem

    Thanks Kevin for your thoughts. I went back to try to wiggle the cover that was pressed up against the safety switch and that wasnt the problem. The problem was much simpler than even that. The furnace was not directly wired to power but had a plug in type connection. Over the summer I unplugged the furnace to plug my attic fan. Forgot all about that.
    Thanks for making me go back and try something because I never would have figured it out. Good thing I didnt call for service.

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