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Thread: Swamp Cooler Ducting

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    Question Swamp Cooler Ducting

    I have recently had a swamp cooler installed and the contractor chose to install it on an exterior garage wall and run duct thru garage, I was surprised when they used flex duct within the garage area.

    My question is:

    Is flex duct allowed in a garage space when run thru a fire wall (into living area) or is rigid ducting required in a garage space according to code ?

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    I like to see as little flex duct run as possible, whatever the reason. The friction losses in flex are incredible (slows the airflow down). I don't have a chart handy, but friction losses in flex are something like 3 or 4 times the friction losses of sheet metal or ductboard. I'll let someone more familiar with codes comment exactly on that matter, but I'm 99 percent sure it's a flagrant code violation to run flex exposed through a garage and into the house. The flex would have to at least be boxed in and sheetrocked, in my opinion. Evaporative coolers can really save you some cooling bucks, but such long runs of flex cause me to believe a corner or two may have been cut in the install. Maybe I'm just old-fashioned. Wait for others.

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    Question Flex duct in garage LEGAL ?

    Anyone knowing if this is up to code or not please respond..see first post in this thread for question.



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