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    I have an old Gaffers and Sattler air-conditioning and Furnace unit an no manuals. We used it this summer with no problems. Last morning we switched the thermostat unit from cooling to heating and the furnace worked fine, the furnace turned off but not the fan(blower). Switched the thermostat unit from Auto to Off but the fan continued on for hours. So I unplugged the unit. Any ideas? why the blower is staying on. I also don't have a manual. The model number is ACD 13-U 80-3. Thanks

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    This is a really old unit who's brand name hasn't been used since the late 60's or early 70's, I believe. I suspect that the combination fan/limit switch has failed in the 'on' position. This would be a common failure mode, and it's a relatively cheap part and easy to install. Parts for these units are available from Lennox/Armstrong brand dealers, since Armstrong is what G&F is now.
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