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    I have a couple of wrinkled spots in my carpet by the doorways and have got a carpet stretcher (which I have never used before) lined
    up to use on saturday to try and get rid of them. Just wondering if
    anybody had any useful hints on how to stretch carpet without destroying it. The carpet stretcher is one of the big ones that you position against a wall and stretch off that. Not a knee kicker. Thanks
    for any help you can offer!!

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    Default Carpet

    I'm not sure I can help much, the best advice I can give is make sure your tack strips are nailed or screwed to the floor very securely. I had bunch of trouble with the tackstrips coming unnailed from the floor we finally just secured them with drywall screws. The rooms we did that in have no wrinkled spots.

    Good luck and wear a back brace lol

    The Cigar Boss
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    Normally a wrinkled carpet in a heavy walk way such as a doorway suggests the pad under the carpet has failed. I would pull up the carpet where the walk area is. Chances are the pad in the rest of the area not heavily traveled will be still be good. Won't hurt to replace the entire pad if you can. If not replace the walk area pad and then restretch the carpet. This will lengthen the life of your carpet in the walk areas.

    Hope this helps


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    Thanks for the tips. Will pull back and check out the pad for worn spots. Thanks again!

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