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    I'm remodeling a basement room that currently has one large fluorescent light fixture controlled by a switch loop (switch at end of circuit). I want to keep the switch loop setup, but replace the fluorescent light with about six small recessed can lights. The existing circuit runs on NM12-2 cable, but I know I need to use NM12-3 for the fixture-to-fixture wiring to make this work. I can figure out how to wire the transition from 12-2 to 12-3 at the first fixture and vice-versa at the last fixture, but I'm not entirely sure about how to connect the 12-3 cable to the middle-of-the-run fixtures. Can anyone direct me to a wiring diagram that might show this, or explain how the 12-3 wires should be connected at each light?

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    You don't need 12/3. Run 12/2 from the existing light fixture box to L2 then to L3 etc. Leave the switch and power going into the original box as they are.

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