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    our hot water tap in the shower has all of a sudden gotten very tight..its hard to turn off and on. I was wondering if anyone would know what is causing this?

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    A lot depends on the type water shut off. If this is an older shut off I would replace it. Often times corrosion or damage such as being bent will cause it to get hard to turn on and off. If all is well there is a faucet lubricant that sometimes will solve the problem of tightness. Problem is hot water will often wash or melt away the lubricant grease in the shut off.

    Hope this helps


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    Do you have a brand name and what type of faucet?

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    the name of the faucet has worn off , it was new only a year and a half ago.

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    Shut water off and take stem out of hot side. Check for wear on the seat of this faucet, replace stem washer.

    Use plumber's grease on all moving parts inside this stem, around the packing nut threads and face of packing.

    Also the spline end of stem and the threads where the handle and screw go. Follow the idea of wheel bearings in a car; they have to have grease to move freely.

    If calcium is greatly present on stem, before greasing, take stem completely apart and remove washer, packing and dip stem in muratic acid. Be careful with this product; it will completely clean stem of all calcium and do not leave in acid for too long. Wash off with hot water and dry off before greasing.

    This will allow your stem to move freely with the minimal amount of friction.

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