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Thread: Power out in one room - strange!

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    Default Power out in one room - strange!

    Sometime this evening, all power went out in one room (outlets and overhead light), plus one outlet in the hall and one unswitched outlet in another room. I checked the breakers, yet the rest of the circuit works, as well as other outlets and ceiling lights attached to the same circuit. I have a tester, and have mapped the outlets that are out, but this is really strange to have some working and some not. I will check more in-depth in the morning, and check the wiring in the attic.

    The outlet in the other room that doesn't work is only malfunctioning on the non-switched side. The switched part of the outlet works fine and tests fine on the tester. The light switch and light that works the switched part works fine too.

    I've checked all GFCI outlets and they are fine. The house is 30 years old and I've been replacing worn outlets periodically, but it's been three months since I have done any electrical work on the house. We've been here seven years and haven't had a problem like this.

    I have a decent understanding of electrical wiring, but I am not a professional. I wonder if a critter got into the attic and had a bad evening, or if a bad outlet led to the others failing. Any other ideas?

    Thanks for any help. I'll check the wiring in the morning and the suspect outlet, then call a professional if I don't find anything.

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    Any other ideas?
    Wire nut not picking up all wires in the group. . .

    Backstabbed receptacle with a weak spring contact. . .

    Corroded Cu/Al junction, if wiring is not all-copper. . .

    Corroded connection, in the presence of water (leak). . .

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    Default Problem fixed!

    Thanks for the ideas, it was a bad backstabbed recepticle. I traced all the connections and found that two were loose and had sparked at some time. Also found a loose connection with a group of wires coming together in a box. So, I replaced all the outlets in the room, replaced the wirenuts and tightened connections and it worked.

    After seeing the remains of the wire, I will finish off replacing the rest of the outlets in the house. Only one more room to go.


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