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Thread: Bathroom outlets went dead.

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    Default Bathroom outlets went dead.

    :P Hello hope someone can help me with my small problem. the two outlets in the bathroom GFC outlets went dead they do not have a re set switch. so i have a voltage meter and they both are dead I checked breaker not tripped I re set . the lights and the outlet in the closet still is hot. I have one out let that has 3 white and 3 black and one ground all these wires are dead the other outlet is only 1 wht and 1 blk. I tried replacing the outlet did not work. Iam I missing something ? is the breaker bad ? but why do the lights still work ? I was thinking they are tied to another outlet that is also gone dead but these two outlets are the only ones I can find not working .. Out backyard across the house the out door outlet went dead too. Very werid. Please anyone have any ideas whats going on ??

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    Keep checking for another GFCI receptacle that maybe elsewhere in your home that has tripped. ie outside, basement, garage, other bathroom, kitchen, etc.

    It's somewhere, and it needs to to be reset

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    Default Lights In bath

    To answer your question on the lights in your bath (why they still work): Well, the bathroom receptacles are on a separate circuit from the bath lights.

    I'm wondering How old is your home? Newer homes have Bath GFI's that are placed in one of the bathrooms in the house. You mention your outside receptacle is dead--along with the bath. It could very well be an outside GFCI. I would go with Ron's suggestion, and get back to us. Please list age of home.
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    Also curious? never have seen a GFI receptacle without a reset?, reading you right???

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