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Thread: 230v 15amp outlet for window A/C unit

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    Default 230v 15amp outlet for window A/C unit

    I installed a new outlet tonight for a 230/208v 15 amp window air conditioner. I used romex 12/2, a 15amp 250v outlet and a double pole 240 breaker(GE). Once everything was wired and connected(before the A/C unit was connected) I turned the power back on and the breaker tripped immediately. I reset it and it tripped again. What did I do wrong or is there a possibility of faulty equipment?

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    You said faulty eqip?? Aways a chance faulty equipment. Did you have AC plugged in? If not, this sounds like a dead short in wiring somewhere. You will want to locate problem in a way that you know for sure where your problem is? Step by step. I'd start by turn power off remove recepticle inspect for any darkened area. Leave out of wall try and reset breaker, seeif clear? then you'll know it's that area. Do the same following path back to your panel.(IF STILL SHORTED) check that you did'nt nail a staple to tight or someway cable hitting an old nail and so on.Inspect and retry breaker.(IF shorted still) Check in panel that nothin's touching. Only spots to look! Check real close as a small nick in romex to ground with fast acting breaker sometimes won't even see a darkened are. One other thing make sure your wired right and did'nt accidently put a hot leg to green screw. GL2Ue

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