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Thread: Hot/Cold Faucet ON/OFF Direction

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    Default Hot/Cold Faucet ON/OFF Direction

    Just installed my last bit of plumbing in my newly finished basement. Put in a wet bar and installed the sink and drain. Everything works fine, EXCEPT I must have lost my mind somewhere as the hot side of the faucet works correctly, turn counter-clockwise for on and clockwise for off. Cold side is the opposite with off being counter-clockwise and on being clockwise. What the he!%@^$%

    The shutoffs under the sink are fine and even if they weren't that shouldn't make a difference correct????

    Please educate the brain dead as I can't figure it out. Guess I'm lucky I don't do this for a living

    thanks, dp

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    what brand of faucet ?

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    It is a non-descript faucet that came with a bar sink I got at lowes. The manufacturer is Federal Home Products I think.

    Any ideas?

    thanks, dp

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    sorry i didn't ask this earlier is the faucet one whole piece. or three pieces.

    if it's on piece remove the handle. pull out the value stem rotate it so the it turn the proper way.

    if it's 3 seperate pieces loosen the nut under the sink that hold the faucet to the sink then rotate the handle until it turns the proper way.

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    It's a one piece, but the valve stem screws down into the faucet thereby not allowing me any adjustments.

    Looks like this style only works this way. Seems to be based on the type of faucet where you have two levers. Pull the levers towards you to get water and away to shut off. However, instead of levers I have round knobs. Cheap faucet anywho so I can just replace it later if it just gets too confusing for people to use. Remember this is the bar sink where people using it may have had a magarita or two or three or .....

    thanks, dp

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    Try removing the screw holding the handle on the faucet. Lift that handle off the valve and turn it 180 so the handle is on the outside on the right and on the inside on the right. Both handles should then turn towards you when turning on and away from you when turning off.

    If this is a washerless faucet then you should be able to turn off the water below and lift the handle that is going the wrong way then lift the inside and turn it 180 degrees and re assemble with handle. Should reverse the turn to turn on.

    Let us know what you find.

    good Luck


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