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Thread: Indirect Water Heater Circulator Pump runs constantly

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    Default Indirect Water Heater Circulator Pump runs constantly

    Hi all,

    I recently replaced an Armtrol indirect water heater with a Lochnivar Indirect water heater. The Lochnivar has a aquastat controller which is set to 120 degrees however it does not seem to be working properly as the circulator runs constantly. This was not an issue during the summer because my baseboard heat wasn't calling for heat, so the furnace only ran when the aquastat controller called for heat when the temp inside the Lochinvar fell below 120 degrees. Now that it is fall, the heat is running. As such, the furnace runs at 180 degrees whenever the thermostats call for heat. Since the circulator pump connected to the indirect water heater and runs constantly, the water temp inside the indirect heater gets much hotter than the 120 degrees. I must have wired something incorrectly because before I made the replacement, the circulator pump only ran when the Armtrol indirect water heater called for heat. It is driving me crazy because when the heat builds over 120 degrees inside the indirect water heater, not only is it easy to scald myself every now and again, the relief valve vomits water, as it should. Any direction on how to correct my issue is appreciated. I've googled this to no avail and then thought of this site which is always a great resource. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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    Do you have any wiring diagrams you post. Either the contactor that turns on the pump is stuck or you have not wired the pump power to a temp controlled switched output.
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