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    I'm running THWN in EMT. If I put in a junction box for pulling wire (no outlet there) does that box have to be grounded?

    The wiring is going outside and I'm switching to PVC inside the house. If I switch to PVC before the junction box then that PVC junction box would not have to be grounded?

    On a different circuit in the basement I have romex in the floor joists and it goes in EMT down the wall to the recpticle box. I have grounded the recepticle box but if I use a metal faceplate for the duplex outlet does that metal faceplate need to be grounded as well?


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    No not by means of a green wire or bare, your ground is in that EMT you mention.(EMT is your ground here) As long as that EMT is continuous being attached to all grounded metal boxes(J boxes) back to panel or service panel itself. IF you switch to PVC you must pull a green wire along with circuit in that PVC and you must attach it to the metal J box with a green screw!/ Depending on what type of box your using and cover. A 4"SQ you would get ground when attaching cover to metal box & receptacle. If using (180) or handy box you would get ground thru screw that attaches to receptacle that you will ground to box and receptacle from bare wire in your Romex. GL

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    Anytime the recepticle is not attached to the box by by screws you must bond the recticle to the box

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    jbfan is correct only if a recessed box. If a steel box and if a surface mounted box the yoke may ground the receptacle. If the box is a recessed box you may also use a self grounding receptacle list for that use instead of a bonding jumper to the receptacle.

    Just a couple of other options to meet the rules.


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