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Thread: Meter Base and Service Panel Installation For Mobile Home

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    Default Meter Base and Service Panel Installation For Mobile Home

    We recently purchased a used mobile home and had it relocated. I am trying to install the 200 amp meter loop myself to save a little money. I have acquired all the specs from my local power company and I have contacted an electrician that has agreed to come out and inspect after I install. I have everything ready to go except for the wiring. The problem I am having is where to connect each wire that runs from the service panel to the inside breaker panel. The wiring on the inside breaker panel is already connected, but I do not now where to connect each one to the main service panel. Any diagrams or pictures would be very helpful. Also, maybe a little help on connecting my Central Heat and Air unit to the service panel.

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    Mobile homes are special wiring. We need to know a couple of things on the setting of the mobile home and then you need to seek local ruling.

    550.32 of the NEC for mobile homes allows a meter base to be mounted on the structure if it fits the definition of a manufactured home not a mobile home.

    Difference between a mobile home and manufactured home is if it is permenantly set on private land or is a mobile home set for temporary setting on a rented lot inside a mobile home park. Then 550.23 sets it so the AHJ is to make the ruling on a manufactured home whether he or she will allow direct mounting of the meter base on the manufactured home and wired same as any normal service of a stick built home.

    If you must use a mobile home service disconntect remote of the mobile home then your mobile home service disconnect installed remote from the mobile home must be within 35' and within sight of that mobile home. Then a four wire feeder must be installed being two insulated hot wires, one insulated white neutral wire and a green insulated equipment grounding conductor all inside a conduit or sheathing or approved mobile home cord depending on the size of the mobile home service.

    Give us details and if you AHJ [local electrical inspector] will alow the meterbase on the manufactured home or if you are required a remote mobile home pedistal within 35' of and insight of that mobile home. Then tell us what the amp rating of your mobile home distribution panel mian breaker is.

    Then we can get down to the rules you need to use.

    If you have a Code book read 550.32 of the NEC for the rules that apply. Article 550 applies to mobile and manufactured homes with definitions and specific rules that apply depending on which type stucture setting you have.

    Hope this helps


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