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Thread: Winterizing Pipes at a Cottage

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    Default Winterizing Pipes at a Cottage

    I have a cottage that is plumbed with CPVC. Previous attempts to "winterize" the plumbing system are as follows:
    1. Turn off water pump to well.
    2. Shut off ball valve at water line entering the house from the well.
    3. Shut off both hot and cold ball valves from water heater.
    4. Drain water heater.
    5. Open all faucets, shower, etc. to drain water pipes.

    Regardless of these measures, a small amount of water remains in certain elbow, tee, and shutoff valves. If left unheated, these ares will freeze and crack the CPVC.

    How can I clear ALL of the water out of the plumbing system, OR, inject something like antifreeze, OR another way to ensure all water is removed from the plumbing system?


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    I would not shut off any valves. With the pump off leave them open so all water can be drained past them.
    If you still have some low spots a compressor to blow them out may be needed. Or adjust the pipe slope so they drain.
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