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Thread: No ground conductor in lighting branch circuit.

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    Default No ground conductor in lighting branch circuit.


    I'm working on a renovation plan for a corridor area in my house. The building is relatively old (1980s) and during initial scoping, I noticed that there is no ground conductor on the lighting circuits for this area.

    I wanted to inquire if installing a grounding conductor to the junction box via a threaded ground screw installed on the junction box would meet code? Then I could connect the grounding wire on the light fixture to this new ground conductor.

    I'd appreciate your insights to resolve this issue and meet code.

    Thank you.

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    What is the wiring method used on that lighting circuit -- AC or MC cable, NM cable, knob and tube? I would think that anything in the 80's would have everything grounded.

    I only know the US rules not Canadian, but physics is the same in both countries... You can't ground to the box if the box isn't effectively grounded. Is there some other circuit in that box with a grounding conductor? If if you have AC cable, the metal sheath is your equipment ground if it has a bonding tape under the coils. If there is no grounding conductor anywhere, you can usually run a separate conductor to the box. Ideally, it would take the same path as the conductors, but if you can do that you might as well run a new cable. If it takes some other path, the grounding conductor needs to enter any metal box through the same hole as its conductors.

    The NEC allows this ground to source from a few different places -- the ground electrode conductor, an equipment grounding bar in the service or source panel. Not sure if you can grab one from a nearby grounded circuit, but technically it would work.
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    1980 wiring if done to code should have a ground. If the system is metal conduit then the conduit is the ground.
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