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Thread: LCD tv Causes Interferance on other TV's

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    Default LCD tv Causes Interferance on other TV's


    I have a small bar in Liberia West Africa. In the bar I have a 42" Sharp LCD TV and a small normal TV.

    Both are connected to my satellite and DVD. Everything works fine.

    I then bought a 19" LCD TV/Monitor. to put behind the bar and my troubles started. As soon as connected the TV it caused interference in both of the other TV's.

    I have tried everything I can think of to solve the problem. Changed the leads, tried just dvd and then just satellite, tried UPS, moved TV to different socket and power line. Switched everything in the place off except TV's and still the same issue. Basically the interference consists of two sets of lines across the center of the TV's.
    By the way I put the 19" TV on by itself and its perfect.

    Anyone help please.


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    The first thing I would do is try to figure out if it was coming through the power lines or the air. You need to find an interference filter you can plug each of the tvs into to see if that helps. If it's going through the air, how far away before it helps? I would start wrapping the tvs in tinfoil to see if that helps. Once you isolate it, you will be able to find a better solution.

    Of course, you could return the offending tv and try a different one-- maybe even the same model.

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    Default LCD tv Causes Interferance on other TV's

    Hi Craig

    I will try that. As I said the new TV seems perfect when on its own. As do the other two. Its just when I introduce the new LCD to the equation it all goes wrong. Unfortunately I bought TV during overseas trip and cant send back.

    I will keep trying.


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    Default LCD tv Causes Interferance on othe

    Do you have a brand or model number for the LCD? Also I believe Roland still has the buttons and the button switches

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    Thread is almost 10 years old. I think the issue has been resolved by now.
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