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Thread: manometer accuracy take 2

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    Default manometer accuracy take 2

    I need to measure -0.02 and +0.03wc.

    mount it inclined 10:1 for 10 times the resolution. https://www.amazon.com/Yellow-Jacket...ords=manometer

    its graduated at 0.25 intervals and you can easily judge 1/5 of that. So, 0.25 included 10:1 the 0.25 would then be 0.025 and I could fairly accurately judge 1/5 of that or 0.005.

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    You'll have to take what is normally 10" and make it 1" to get 10:1. I think you'll have a hard time reading finer than .25 at that large tilt angle which would yield .025 resolution. It may work and isn't very expensive, so it would be worth a try.

    You're measuring such a small amount of water column it would be nice if you could use a lighter liquid to get more movement.
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