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Thread: no power on one plug?

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    Default no power on one plug?

    I have one plug that stopped working. I opened the box and everything was connected and this is the first plug on the line.
    all connections as far as I can tell are fine and inside the the breaker box all connections are hot. All plugs down the circuit
    work and this makes no sense at all to me. Can anyone tell me what to check next as I am out of thoughts on this. The house is 10 years old. Thanks for any thoughts you can give me.

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    What was it that gave you the thought that this is the first receptacle on the circuit?

    If all connections are in good condition on that certain receptacle look at the nearest receptacles in that area on both sides of the wall. Look for a loose connection in one of those nearby receptacles. I am suspecting you lost power out of the receptacle on that circuit that is just before your dead receptacle.

    Second choice of thought is a tripped GFI protective device. What room is this receptacle in that is dead?



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    Default no power on one plug

    I checked the plug nearest to on both sides and both were fine no loose wires. The plug is in the kitchen and the frig plugs into it but it has no ground fault plug. I thought it to be the front of the line because the breaker box is in the next room and the wiring goes to the rest of the house in that direction. All plugs in the room with the breaker box work fine also.
    Thanks Jimmy

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    When you looked at this receptacle connection of that dead receptcle did you have one or two cables in that dead receptacle box? If two read on. If one cable only in that dead receptacle box skip to the third pargraph.

    Do you have an attic above that dead receptacle. Can you get up there and see where that cable from that receptacle is going. If you have two cables coming from that dead receptacle then look where both of them are going. Right now I am suspecting a loose connection where this receptacle is getting its power from either being a receptacle or a light box. Right now we don't know where to look. Try and get an idea where the cables from this dead receptacle is going to. Then we have a place to look. Don't forget to look for GFI receptacles over your kitchen counter that may control this refrig plug that may be tripped.

    If this receptacle only has one cable in it I suspect it to be a dedicated circuit directly from your panel. If so unplug your refrig then go to the panel and turn each breaker hard to the off position then turn them back on one at a time and see if you hear a buzz and the breaker trip again if no buzz then check for power [not your refrig plug but just a table lamp]

    Tell us what you find


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    Default no power on plug

    I found the loose wire and all is just fine now THANKS for all of your help. I will keep watching and hope some day I can be of help to somebody my experience is in the auto field if that helps.
    Thanks Again

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