I have a DSC alarm that was just installed in my business.
It is the LED type, not touch screen, 5100 series I believe.
Either way, it is one of the version 4.5 or lower, so does not have auto wireless connect, you have to connect them manually using the ESN code and enter is manually.
The way the alarm is set up now, there are 5 sensors wired in. Two door sensors, window break sensor, and 2 motion detectors.
Zone 1 - door sensor wired
Zone 2 - Motion sensor wired
Zone 3 - Glass break wired
Zone 4 - Nothing
Zone 5 - door sensor wired
Zone 6 - Motion sensor wired

Don't ask why zone 4 hasn't been wired, I didn't install it.

I am trying to connect two wireless door sensors

In program mode, I have turned on "8" on all the zones to accept wireless devices using the 10# command
In addition, all of the first 8 zones are turned on under the 202 command
Here is the weird thing I can't figure out.

When I go to program the wireless devices into zone 7 and 8, it will not recognize them. Or, it might recognize them, but when I open the door, the keypad does not say "open" and the chime does not go off, despite the chime being enabled (3)
I also tried putting them both on zone 4 and 5, since 4 is not wired and 5 is a wired door sensor.
The only zones I can get them keypad to recognize the wireless devices and show "open" and chime, is when I program them into zone 1 and zone 5. Then it works beautifully. Despite there being other sensors wired into those zones on the board
However, this is obviously not ideal as I would like to use my wired sensors as well.
This is not an issues with turning on wireless on zones, as I ensure the "8" is turned on before I connect the devices.
I have also put in zone definitions for all the zones being used, so that is not the issue
What am I missing that they work on some zones but not others?