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Thread: Tanning bed stopped powering on

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    I have a tanning bed sun vision pro 24s in my home! It is wired with a 40a breaker, 10/3 wire, plug states not over 230V! It was working fine when I wired it and tested it then when I moved it into it permanent position it won't power on now (plug still has power as I have texted it)! Did I burn something up in the bed? Please note that I also bumped the bypass and broke the housing but it still plugs in

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    Maybe. Tanning beds seem to be a major pain. I don't know why they design them the way they do. They seem to want an intermediate voltage (220V) which is half way between the two most common sources -- 208 and 240. You typically need a buck-boost transformer to get the voltage increased or decreased. Most residential voltage service is 240V, so that is probably too high for the bed. Whether you damaged it or it has its own self protect from over voltage I don't know.

    I also know of no exception in the code which would allow a 40A breaker on #10 wire for a tanning bed. You need either #8 wire or a 30A breaker. Does it need the neutral, or would 10-2 or 8-2 be sufficient? I saw two websites where it says this 24S model need a 20A circuit, no neutral (a 6-20 receptacle with a max of 230V). This would utilize 12-2 wire on a 20A circuit breaker (but your 10-3 cable could be utilized, just change to a 20A breaker and don't use the neutral). You should call an electrician if you don't know what a buck-boost transformer is or how to size one.
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