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Thread: Wiring from wall has 2 sets of 6 wires

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    Default Wiring from wall has 2 sets of 6 wires


    Getting my hosue ready for rental; have to fix a phone jack.

    This jack has two grey cables, each carrying 6 wires: blue & blue/white, orange & orange/white, green & green/white.

    Some of them were twisted together, but I'm not sure which because I started doing stuff before I educated myself. (Eg: I *think* the two orange wires (so one from each of the two cables) were twisted together.

    What do the grey cables do and how do I proceed to wire a telephone jack properly?

    Thank you.

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    If this is for phone and not ethernet, the wires most likely "daisy chain" from one phone jack to the next (one grey is the phone coming in, and the other is going out to some other wall jack). So you'd match color for color and have 6 splices with both wires in each splice the same color (e.g. orange-orange, wht/org-wht/org, ...). One pair needs to terminate on the phone jack. The only way to know which pair is to look at the phone NID (the box where the telco wires terminates and your 6 pair cable begins) and see which pair is used. Many houses are wired for 2 pairs (2 phone numbers) which puts 4 wires on the wall jack. If you only have one active phone line, you could also look at some other working phone jack and look to see what wire pair is on the center two wires of the jack (these typically would be the red and green terminals on the jack plate). Typically, the blue and blue/wht pair is your first phone line. But it could be the orange and orange/wht pair or the green and green/wht pair.
    Kent, WA

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