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    paneling basement and need to install runs off furnace trunks in basement. ranch house, upstairs = 1300 sq feet presently being heated. the existing trunk is an 8 by 12. question i have - is this 8 by 12 trunk sufficient enough to allow me an additional 4 - 6" take off runs for basement? (without messing up heat supply to main floor)? also, i plan to use ceiling heat for basement, with large return cut into cold air return duct at bottom, near furnace. will damper this return so as not to steal too much return from upstairs.

    also, i plan to get a new 95? high efficiency furnace in near future.

    hope these series of questions are too fragmented. any help would be appreciated.


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    YOu are setting up an nonefficient heating design in your basement. You should spend the extra effort to stud the wall area where you want your heat ducts and run the heat ducts to the bottom. Then stud a cold air duct to the ceiling area for cold air duct.

    Remember heat rises. You are taking a short cut that will reduce your comfort zone of that area and reduce efficiency concerning amount of heat needed to create your comfort area.

    Check your furnace blower. It should be multi speed motor. If not set on high you may be able to step up the fan speed motor one step higher RPM to compensate for the air your are robbing from the trunk line system. If you don't then the farthest heat runs will be where you will notice a temp and volocity variance being less.

    Just my thoughts


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    thanks for your reply. i know the most efficient way is via wall studs, etc., however, i don't really want to go the extra hassle. plus will it really matter that much? as long as it's relatively comfortable, that will work for us.

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    What you discribe is often done. However you will feel chilled in some areas as you use that area as a living area expecially if lightly clothed. Your choice, easier installation and long term minor discomfort or harder more vested time and comfort zone established. Kind of like you get what you pay for. whether it be money or vested labor.

    Good Luck


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    If you do decide to remodel your basement, make sure to set some time aside to prepare. The first thing you should consider is how you intend to use your new basement space.

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