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Thread: Jetted Tub Wiring

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    Default Jetted Tub Wiring

    If I'm wiring a jettet tub on a dedicated circuit - Can I run the power source from the panel directly to the tub and use a GFI breaker and be in compliance with code and safety?

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    Jettet tub? not familiar with this term or name is this similair to a Jacuzi(?) whirlpool bath tub or are we speaking of either indoor or outdoor Hot Tub?

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    Default wannabee

    It's a whirlpool bathtub...

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    What is required on manufactures spec's. Your plan OK but if cord connected use GFI receptacle VS breaker. Also all existing oulets in bathroom within 5' Must be GFI protected.

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    Actually all outlets in a bathroom have to be GCFI protected.
    If your tub has a direct wire connection that you can do it your way. Just be aware that a 20A GCFI breaker is about $45. A GCFI outlet is about $10.
    If the tub has a plug in type of connection just use a regular breaker and a GCFI outlet. Make sure all your grounds are good and connected all the way.

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    The tub is a plug in type - But the access door is not real conveinent to get through if the breaker does it's job - Could I put it on the same circuit with the other bathroom recptacles ( 4 of them fed by another GFI breaker)?

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    I believe that is has to have a dedicated circuit. I see no problem in putting a GCFI breaker, and a regular outlet at the whirpool. You'll probably have to put one of those pretty labels that says "GCFI protected" on the outlet.

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    Trinitro the problem I see with your direct connect thoughts are that you are required a form of disconnect at each motor.

    Also this equipment under the tub must be always accessible for maintenence.

    There whirlpool tub pulls less than half a 20 amp circuit and if the bathroom has a dedicated bathroom circuit that serves everything in that bathroom but nothing outside that bathroom the NEC say you can share that bathroom circuit serving the lights and bathroom receptacles as dedicated bathroom circuit with that whirlpool tub.

    If you have a wiring design that serves bathroom receptacles only including other bathroom receptacles in other bathrooms then that whirlpool tub is not allowed on that dedcated bathroom receptacle circuit.

    I advise you to wire this whirlpool tub on a 12/2wGrnd romex cable with a 20 amp breaker using a receptacle as the required form of disconnect ensuring accessible motor for maintenance. Does not matter whether GFI breaker or receptacle. However suspect the GFI receptacle will be much less expensive as mentioned by others in this post.

    Hope this helps


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    Thanks a lot guys - Maybe I'll be in the hot tub business soon

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    Twill be careful here. A hot tub is entirely different rules than a whirlpool tub. The two tubs have entirely different definitions and rules.

    Whirlpool tub drains after each use and has only minor heating capability.

    A hot tub uses chemically treated water and water remains hot and is not intended to be drained after each use.

    Be cafeful


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