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Thread: Temeprature control for a Crawl space heater

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    Default Temeprature control for a Crawl space heater

    I have a 240 volt crawl space heater attached to a 240 volt plug in our cottage crawl space. I wnat to incoorporate a Johnson Control thermostat into the plug so that I can adjust the temp to go on or off from inside the cottage. How do I wire in the temp control to the box of the plug.

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    This themostat what type is it is it a low voltage? Tell us what the voltage rating of this thermostat. If it is low voltage you will need a transformer and a magnetic contactor to use this type heater. Then you say you want the thermostat to control temp in crawl but the thermostat and sensing parts will be in the living area above.

    I suspect you will need to search for a 240 volt thermostat with a remote sensing thermocouple to sense temp in one area yet have the control in a different temp zone.

    Tell us more details as to what you have. Picture or voltage and amp rating or thermo and if remote thermo senser is available.



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