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    Hi Guys,

    New here.
    Yesterday my wife noticed water dripping from the ceiling in a closet. I ripped the ceiling out (not my idea of a Sunday afternoon) and it appears that the water leaks out of a large kind of box that distributes the cold air trough out the house. Where could that water come from?
    I checked the condensed water tub where the AC unit is sitting on top and it's not overflowing. Also the outside condensed water pipe is not clogged, water is dripping there freely.
    Does someone have some advice?

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    Well, where are all the AC experts? Or is my problem too complicated?

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    Sounds like condensation caused by the cool ductwork being exposed to the hot attic. Ultimately it means that there might be a small area where the insulation from the duct work is not sealed allowing the two temperatures to meet and cause the condensation. Look for a hole or an area where the tape is loose or peeling back. Re tape or seal the hole with real duct tape it will be available in the area of your hardware store where HVAC supplies are kept.
    The "other" duct tape will peel away in heat.

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