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Thread: Relocating Service to Garage - last questions

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    I had posted a while back looking for advice on moving my service entrance out to my garage. I'm finally getting down to business, and have permit in hand, but I do have a couple of questions remaining.

    I currently have aerial 100A service over my garage, feeding the back of the house. My plan is to install a new meter and a new 100A panel at rear of garage, then feed the house as a subpanel. I'll be using a 100A breaker and 1/0 AL run through the garage rafters, then in 2" conduit trenched to the house.

    The last time I trenched power to garage in my last residence, I ran a data-cabling conduit next to it. Permit issuing officer said he's never heard of a 12" required separation distance, but that's what I'm reading is required in code. Can anyone substantiate that?

    Do the phone company and cable company typically supply their own interface boxes? Hard to get any information on that.

    Alberta seems to have their own rules for service masts. I believe the one at my house is just 2" NPS galvanized pipe, but I'm seeing 1-1/4" RMC and 2" RMC are used here. This is not the same as regular conduit, I'm assuming.

    Grounding would be done at the entrance panel, but putting 2 ground rods in near the service drop is going to be difficult (concrete driveway) and permit officer suggested ground rods in the trench at the front of the garage. Seems ok to me, though it would be 10m of #6 wire just to get to them. Any issues that anyone can see with this?

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    Can't answer all you question for sure to code.
    re: grounding.
    Have you considered a grounding plate instead of two rods?

    Phone company typically installs a NID outside your house for a POTS line, and everything from there on is yours. I believe they will do inside work for a fee. If you have fiber to the house then there is hardware that goes inside the house.
    Cable company typically brings the cable into your house and attaches to your wiring. They will do more inside work for a fee in most cases.

    Don't know the code but most recommend keeping data and power line as far apart as possible to avoid interference. A foot is typical recommendation.
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