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    Hello all--

    I have a counter top cook stove and a wall oven that I would like to replace with a free standing stove.

    To do this I will need to cut out the 30 inch piece of counter top and was thinking of using a Dremel Multi-Max cutting tool and possibly a jig saw for the longer run. The counter top is a preformed top with a 3 inch back splash and rounded "joint" between the horizontal top and vertical back splash. Part of the problem will be getting a good cut on that rounded area. The top is too long to be removed and cut from the back side so need to cut it in place.

    Any ideas and even ideas on different tools would be appreciated.

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    Your plan is correct, use a jigsaw with a fine ish blade (12 - 16 tpi) take it slow and steady as the fine blade will be excellent for the laminate (less chipping) but it's going to be slow on the chip board base. Use your Dremmel or Multi tool for the rear end again take it slow.
    Your going to have to be extra careful at the front edge not to cut through the cabinet face and make sure you sight under the cut BEFORE you cut just to make sure your not cutting through cabinet edges, or worse I've seen electrical cables running through cabinets tucked up under just below the counter top.

    Hint: Use painters blue tape and stick it down over the area where you want to cut then mark on top of it your line this will also help prevent damage to the counter top during cutting and it helps with edge chipping.

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    Default Cuttung kitchen counter top

    Thanks for your help, this job went well.

    I used a jig saw with reverse cutting blade and had no damage to the Formica counter top. Edges are smooth and no chipping.

    Thanks again--

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