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    We have two toilets out of four in our 1970's home that do not want to flush consistently. Both toilets are roughly 10 years old. The toilets are on opposite sides of the house. They are in the main hallway and the kitchen baths. Every couple of weeks or so a good bowel movement will prevent them from flushing. The bowl will fill with water almost to the rim and then very slowly drain down without actually flushing. We have used a LOT of chemicals, but most importantly I have snaked the drains from the toilet bowl with my 25 ft rotary auger. To clear the blockage only a couple of strokes with the plunger is required, and then all is well for another week or so. This does not happen to both toilets at the same time.

    BTW, when the toilets are flushing they do not appear to be flushing slowly, there is no gurgling etc.

    Edit - I have discovered that I have a Mansfield flush valve in the kitchen toilet and that when flushing the toilet only about 1/2 or a little more of the tank is empties. If I hold down the flush handle until the flush stops, then the entire tank empties. Should this valve allow for the tank to mostly empty? If so, then what typically goes wrong with these valves to where they impede tank emptying?

    Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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    Make sure the tanks are filling to the proper levels. (look for a factory placed fill line in the tank) Make sure your flapper is opening correctly and far enough to drain the tank quickly.

    Check your roof vents for obstructions. Air needs to get in or you will have drain issues.
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