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    Hello. I'm installing a range vent for my mother. I have discovered a stud right smack in the middle of where I need to cut. The stud isn't really a surprise. What is the surprise is that immediately to the left of the stud is all of the HVAC ductwork which leads upstairs. The ductwork fills the entire stud Bay. This is a loadbearing exterior wall. I am now unsure how I can cut the stud and still create a header to take up the wait. The wall is to buy for construction and there is no room with the ductwork in that stud bay. The range vent chimney is 8 inches so there is not enough room to slide the 6 inch pipe over so that I don't have to cut the stud. I am unsure how I can install this event and still keep the loadbearing wall in the shape that it needs to be. Ideally I will not have to remove the drywall for the whole length. Does anybody have a suggestion on how this can safely and effectively be done?
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    Whats above the hood? Cabinets?
    Can you get up above the range hood where you can jog left or right to get clearance through the wall?
    Can you get up into the ceiling? You might be able to go out through a joist cavity. You may have to make cover for inside any cabinets, or open space above the cabinets. My exhaust goes up into my attic this way.

    You can also look into rectangular duct of the same cross area.

    HVAC ductwork is not normally in exterior walls. It would prevent that cavity from being insulated and the outside temp will effect the the duct and the air going through it. It could also create condensation (and rot) under the right conditions. I would check into that.....
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