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Thread: AC in Tent?

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    Default AC in Tent?

    Has anyone tried to rig up an ac in their tent? We'll be camping in Michigan later this summer and I'm worried about the humidity.
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    If you have AC power and the proper unit it should not be a problem to do it.
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    It's going to be noisy and never shut off. Your neighbors may come over and unplug it. It is also going to remove ~much~ more water from the air then 'normal', so you will have to deal with the drainage. The AC will never get to the point of recycling conditioned air so it's always going to be treating fully humid air.

    1. Avoid OH/MI in late summer.... or bring a knife so that you can cut our thick air up into breathable chunks. If you can't handle humidity, camping around the largest freshwater supply in the world may not be a good idea. It can get bad here...

    2. A fan may be enough. Moving air is usually enough keep me comfortable.

    3. You can try a water cooler/chiller. Evaporation is a cooling process. It wont do anything for humidity, but will blow cooler air then a fan with less noise and power usage. Most large buildings are cooled this way.

    4. Get a (closed in) camper with AC... Many state parks around here rent them or have camper sized "cabins" (Ohio state parks calls them getaway's) They are ideal for out of area travelers.

    5. Come now... I had the heat running this morning and the AC this afternoon. It's a local thing we do around here.....
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