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Thread: Universal Security Smoke alarms?

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    Default Universal Security Smoke alarms?

    Anyone dealt with them?

    I'm looking for a interconnectable smoke/fire(ion+photo)/CO alarm. Nobody seems to make these all in one unit. This company has one...

    I've never heard of USI before I ran across one in a big box store. They have other 'normal' smoke alarms that I can get to complete my setup. (it's a new install)

    Is there any reason that these are not common? I'd rather not have multiple units in 1 room if possible. Ideally I would like all 3 forms of detection in my utility room (explosive gas is a plus but not needed)

    (update.. just looked on Amazon and they sell them and the reviews are mixed with alot of DOA units being shipped out.... may have just answered my own question...)
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