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    Where can I find the building code for my city?

    I want to know things like;
    1. Minimum Size of Bedroom
    2. Do bedrooms need to have a door
    3. Do bedrooms need to have windows
    4. Hall way minium width

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    At your cities website
    Try googling " 'insert city name' building codes".
    We certainly can't help not knowing your city.
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    1. Habitable rooms must be a min. of 7' in either direction R304.3 (plus min. height of 7')
    2. Yes bedrooms must have a closable entry also must be a min. opening of 2'6" R311.3.2
    3. Yes a bedroom should have two ways of egress think it's R303.1
    4. Min. width of a hallway must be 3' R311.3.1

    Most jurisdictions work on the IRC many individual building departments have "their" interpretation but as a guide the above is code compliant.

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