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    I "read" for a 200A panel a #6 GEC for Rods is required (protected). For terminating at the water (within 5 ft feet of entry) a #4 GEC is required. Can I run two seperate GEC's (one to the water and one to the two rods) and terminate them seperately (under 2 ground screws at the Neutral Bus) or must it be one continous un-broken run from panel to rods to water? In this case I would of course be using #4 all the way. Thanx
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    The size required is in table 250.66, and you have the correct sizes (normally, all GEC's for a 200A service would be required to be #4, but a rod never requires larger than a #6 because it is a crappy electrode and larger wire doesn't help much, even on a 1000A service).

    You can do it multiple ways --
    a #4 to the pipe which then continues on to the rods
    a #4 to the pipe and then a #6 to the rods (separate clamps on the pipe)
    a #4 to the pipe and a #6 to the rods, each wire originating from the main disconnect neutral bus.

    The wire(s) coming from the main panel will be considered the GEC (so no splices allowed), and any additional connections to other electrodes further on down would be bonding jumpers (which are permitted to be spliced). If you do the last case (2 wires from the panel, one to rod and one to water), each is a GEC can cannot be spliced.
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    I have also faced size issues now its some how clear in my mind

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    Smile Thank-You

    Thank-you for your quick and thorough reply SueMarkP. Have a great week-end.

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