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    A two story house I am doing some electrical work on requires that certain rooms must pass inspection. Those rooms are the Master bedroom and it's bathroom and the kitchen. A half inch emt raceway (perhaps it is 3/4) from the main panel formerly provided a circuit to an outlet box in the location of one of the bath-rooms (that will need to pass inspection for GFI requirements) that fed a bath chiquzi of sorts. I have removed the 3- 8awg wires and want to use the EMT race-way to bring up to code the 2 ajoining bathroom GFI requirements with 2 independent circuits (think the distance from panel to the Gfi locations is between 70 and 80 feet. My plan is to run 2 20 amp circuits (12 awg) in the EMT. A red, a black and two whites (grounded conductors) and a single insulated green wire. Sound O.K. Thanx in advance as always.

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    That should be fine, but you need to tag the 2 white wires so you know which one is which (I'd use a red tape flag and black tape flag). Depending on your area, a master bath may need to be AFCI protected, so ask the inspector. If he says yes, then buy two 20A AFCI breakers.

    Are you going to extend EMT to the final location, or transition at a junction box from EMT to NM cable? Either wold be fine (if you don't exceed the bend limits without a pull point), but your J Boxes or pull boxes must remain accessible.
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