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    Hi Everyone,

    My garden plants has this white powdery substance on the leaves. Is this normal? I also notice that the leaves are drying. My friends told me that it might be about the season. Is it true? Thank you.
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    Could be a plant fungus or such.

    If you have any agricultural extension offices (usually run by a university) in your area/county, you could take a leaf in to them and someone there may be able to identify it. A well established garden center/grower might be able/willing to too. Take pictures of the area and the whole (or a large portion of) plan too.

    Google may be of assistance, but if there's a similar fungus or it's not one at all, the site may lead you the wrong way. Experienced eyes are always the best.

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    Google "powdery mildew". Very common garden problem

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    Are they annual plants that are affected? Some of them will be starting to die now, so powdery mildew is to be expected.

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    Thanks Mr T,mmg and moto. Its confirmed a fungus. A gardening service just visited me yesterday and yeah it was a fungus. sad to say we need to throw some of the plants to avoid more contamination and to lessen the expense of chemical treatment. another lesson learned. thanks for your help.
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    There are many kind of mildew present in the garden.So search for the reason behind that.

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    Default Garden Plant Problem

    Powdery mildew is one of the most common and easily recognized plant disease.
    Remove the infected leaves, then apply a fungicide which is safe and effective, can be made up of potassium bicarbonate or neem oil.

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