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    Default NEC tables online

    For those who don't have the NEC code book handy, there are many tables online at the following website.

    I haven't fully checked them for accuracy, but they do seem to be accurate.



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    SharpT, be careful with those charts. The ampacity charts normally used is Table 310.16 [three single conductors in a raceway or cable] and Table 310.15.B.2.A [more than 3 current carrying conducors in a raceway] and Table 310.B.6. [ampacity ratings of three conductors in a receway for residential use]. These charts that I listed that you need most often are not included in that link.

    The charts concerning ampacity of conductors are not for use in a conduit with three conductors in that conduit or cable.

    The Tables 4 [conduit fill of differnent types and sizes of conductors in a raceway] and Table 5 [area sqaure inch needed for each insulated conductor required to use Table 4] and Table 8 showing resisttance and area sqare inch for bare conductors] of Chapter 9 are there though, that is a help.

    I am a bit concerned that this web site you linked has not been challenged by the NEC for copyright violations. Maybe they have special permission to copy and publish the writings owned by NEC.

    Thanks Sharp T for the info.


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