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Thread: Information Technology Equipment - Article 645

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    Default Information Technology Equipment - Article 645

    Posted by: HandyRon (old forum transfer)

    What is considered a room with Information Technology Equipment. Is a 10'x10' room with a couple of servers and PC's considered a Information Technology Equipment Room requiring EPO's, dedicated HVAC and fire rated partitions.
    If you think it is an IT Room, then what about an office space with a couple of PC's, why would it be different.

    Official definitions would be helpful.

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    Posted by: Wgoodrich
    Posted: Tue Sep 10, 2002 9:58 pm

    The following is a copied section of the rule in the NEC 2002;

    645.2 Special Requirements for Information Technology Equipment Room.


    Notice the above copied section of the rule in 645.2 in capital letters. This states that all 5 conditions listed in sections of the rule 645 that must exist before NEC 645 rule applies;

    Also read the following NEC 2002 HANDBOOK COMMENTARY; See if this helps for confirmation;

    The requirements in Article 645 are based on the assumption that the room complies with NFPA 75, Standard for the Protection of Electronic Computer/Data Processing Equipment.
    The requirements in Article 645 amend the first four chapters of the Code. This article has less stringent requirements for electrical installations in rooms that comply with NFPA 75, provided that the five prerequisites in 645.2 are satisfied.
    Article 645 applies only to equipment and wiring located within the information technology equipment room. An information technology equipment room is an enclosed area, with one or more means of entry, that contains computer-based business and industrial equipment. It is designed to comply with the special construction and fire protection provisions of NFPA 75, as well as 645.2 of the Code.
    Small terminals, such as remote telephone terminal units, remote data terminals, personal computers, and cash registers in stores and supermarkets, are not covered by Article 645.

    The last sentence in the rule 645.2 and the last sentence in the commentary in the NEC handbook should settle your thoughts.

    Let us know if this helps


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    Posted by: HandyRon
    Posted: Wed Sep 11, 2002 9:38 am

    Wow. It is amazing what I miss, when hopping and skipping through various sentances in code articles. I thought for sure I had 645.2 nailed as code requirements, but you have pointed out the word "provided", which of course, now rereading, makes the entire article optional (unless we have decided to implement NFPA 75). They were conditions to the article and not requirements to follow as part of the article.

    Excellent point. Thanks

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