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Thread: chiller power diagram help

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    Question chiller power diagram help

    I was wondering if anyone can give some assistance with a power diagram I need to draw with AutoCad.
    I was given a work order to draw the electrical schematic for a 30 hp Drake Chiller to be installed. So far it is only mounted on the pad. No breakers,conduit, wires or anything installed so far.
    What I need help with is....Where the heck do I start? I am use to drawing electrical circuits on systems already installed. Just do the research, trace the wires, etc.. and draw the power diagram. But I have not done a chiller before, and never started out fram scratch. Can anyone give some direction here, reference material etc.. would be helpful.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Where the heck do I start?
    Start with the branch circuit or circuits that are feeding the chiller skid, and go from there. There's at least one main branch circuit for the compressors, possibly another for crankcase heaters, one or several for the loop pump(s). Then, you have whatever the control system is for the pumps to diagram out, possibly electric 3way valves, thermostats, etc. There's really no generic way to answer this one, but maybe a little more info as to what use the chiller will be put to would help (comfort cooling, process cooling, etc.)
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    Default chilling reply

    Thanks for the info. This chiller is going to cool a set of Industrial blenders that mix material to make Particle Board. As of yet we still need to install the 800a breaker in the PDC to feed a new MCC. Which in turn one of its buckets will be used for the chiller. I have none of that info available to me yet; breakers sizes, wire sizes etc...
    But I will start where you suggested to at least get me going.
    Thanks again, anymore info would be appreciated as well.

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    Patman... if it's not confidential, post what you come up with and we can all discuss it as your diagram progresses. There's not much activity in the Industrial forum area.
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    Smile Chiller progress

    Will do, I do not believe any of this installation is confidential. So I will post what I can as time goes on.

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