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Thread: Georgia Fatwood Firestarter product?

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    Question Georgia Fatwood Firestarter product?

    I've had several woodstoves and fireplaces throughout my life and have always used newspaper and kindling to start my fires. Although, I just came across a product called 100% Georgia Fatwood Firestarter. Apparently, these kindling pieces are from stumps of pine trees. They have a high concentration of sap or resin in each piece. I've heard a few claims that these can be used in place of the typical, traditional newspaper option. My question is....Is there any creosote or build-up issues with something like this? I'm referring to some of the buildup that may occur if you were to use a firestarter candle or a similar product. I always have stayed away from the candles, etc. material because I worry about what it's sending up my stack. This Georgia Fatwood product claims to be 100% natural wood with no additives. I worry about creosote, residue, etc. because I use my woodstove so much. Thanks for the advice in advance.

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    While i am no expert, I read in the manuel that came with my stove that you should not burn wood with alot of resin, or even green wood because this can lead to build up in the stove and chimney. Im not sure if you have a catalytic converter in your stove, but mine does and the manuel says that this type of wood can also damage the converter. My opinion, better safe than sorry, so i wouldnt use it.

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    Hi AMP and Danwoj,

    I have used Georgia Fatwood for years from many different suppliers and used it in quite a few different woodstoves including our current Pacific catalytic converter stove. Never had any problems. We use at most 2 sticks to start any fire and find they work much better than newspapers -- a bit too much ash and a mess to wrinkle up and place below the wood -- or matches alone -- use too many. Just light one (or two sticks) with a butane lighter and place the burning end below the end you hold so it can burn up. Leave it a little air space below a piece of your firewood and open the damper to start.

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    Default georgia fatwood fire starter

    we call it lighterknot. it is petrified pine. usually found in the stumps and roots of old pines. have seen studs in older homes being lighterknot. it usually boils out a tar and black smoke while burning. started a fireplace for years on it using only min. amounts with no trouble but had no cat. convertor. id consult man. for starting on fatwood. we always slivered it up for quick hot starts.

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    it's interesting!
    I enjoy my wood burning stove, but I didn't know anything about this product before. Actually I don't mind about the time I need to make a fire
    Should I try? Will it fit for my stove?
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