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Thread: tilt trim issue

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    Default tilt trim issue

    I am having an issue with the trim going all the way down. I work going up fine. It stops going down only at the point when the slow trim should kick in. Could that still be an electrical issue. if I clean the connections will that help or is it a Trim motor issue?

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    What is the make, model, hp and year of your engine?

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    Default can anyone help on a trim tilt motor for my 2000 yamaha 250 outboard

    I was wondering if I can change the tilt/trim motor on my 2000 Yamaha 250 ox66 (SX250TXRY) without having to remove the engine? I can get at the first two bolts but the last bolt appears to be buried in the corner against the Armstrong bracket? Any advice would be appreciated....thanks Steve
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