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Thread: PowerPro 6.5HP spark troubles

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    Default PowerPro 6.5HP spark troubles

    Hey everyone, New to the forums and I need some help.

    I have a Go Cart with a PowerPro 6.5 hp motor on it and I am losing spark on it. Sometimes it will run and drive for hours with no spark loss, sometimes in 10mins the spark is gone and wont return. if I go out the next day it starts up first pull.

    Where should I start? Does this sound like the Coil?

    Here is the info I have on the motor;

    Family name: 5JDGS 1961GA
    196CC, 6.5HP
    Model # 2549 0041

    Thanks in advance for the help!

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    It's possible.

    Check the plug first, it's cheaper then a coil. Make sure the coil wire is good and there are no cracks in it. Vibrations from the engine could make that wire move close enough to metal to ground it out. It doesnt have to touch, it just has to be close to metal with a crack or bad insulation.

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    Default Check this

    first check your oil and make sure it's at the very top of the dipstick hole

    then check to see if you have a small box on the side of the motor with two wires, one wire heading into the crankcase... Low oil shut off unit

    unplug it next time you have a problem... just the yellow wire or the wire that heads into the engine

    If you don't have this little box then check the kill wire routing from the coil

    then replace this coil. might get lucky and some honda parts are interchangeable

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