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Thread: Help with Deck on Sloped Area

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    I have a deck that is approx (31'x22') that is going DIRECTLY onto a sloped hill. The hill is approx 45 degrees and the entire deck will sit on this slope. The slope itself is approx 12' elevation change from where the other footers will be. It is a free standing deck.

    I thought the best way to do this would be to excavate and build a retaining wall and cantilever the last 3'. What do you think?

    I dont think stepped footers will be effective since the huge elevation change and that the entire deck is sitting on this sloped area. Would you do stepped footings? Excavate than dig down? Or dig approx 7' down? I have read that as long as you stand off approx 4 feet from the point the slope begins you should dig down 7' for a decent footing. Is this correct?

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