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    I just bought a 1981 travelaire camping trailer. The brake and turning lights work but the running and tail lights will not turn on. I've made sure that the grounds are all good but that has not fixed the problem.

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    Have you tested them with a known good power source, (NOT your trailer plug) to make sure the problem is in the trailer and not your vehicle?

    Also test your trailer plug on your vehicle with a voltage tester, test light, or another known good trailer if you have one.

    If the lights light up with using a battery or jumpers from a --known good-- power source then the problem is either in the vehcile or the harness (including the plugs)

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    Default travelaire trailer

    I've tested the truck and the trailer with a voltage tester. All is fine. I've got one running light working in the back now but the tail light I still have nothing. I've run a wire back to the tail lights and all the lights(tail and travel) except the front 4. I'm totally at a loss.

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