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Thread: Harbor Freight/Chicago Electric Generator

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    Does anyone know where I can find a Shindengen rectifier #S3B-11B 4.7
    for the captioned generator model #90300?
    Someone hit the existing one and cracked it. I have tried everywhere I can think of to no avail.
    Rectifier is about 1"x1"x.5". A 2004 Kawasaki motorcycle has almost the same one.
    I have been reading the posts for some time. Thought I finally join in.

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    Doesn't Harbor Freight sell parts for most of the things they sell? If it is truely just a rectifier (4 diode bridge), then I would think you can use any rectifier that has sufficient PIV and amp rating. The online electronic parts stores have lots of choices.

    If there is other stuff in this rectifier, then you'll need to use the factory part or redesign the thing with discrete components.
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