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    Hi all-

    I'm going to be measuring the scum and sludge layers in my tank this weekend following the instructions here, http://www.co.thurston.wa.us/health/...stBrochure.pdf.

    My tank as a pre-treatment tank before the aeration tank. Should I take my measurements in the pre-treatment tank or the main aeration tank? I'm thinking the aeration tank.

    Also, just curious, when they come out to pump this septic system, will they be pumping out both the pre-treatment and aeration tanks? That's what would make sense to me.


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    Are your two tanks separate, or is the aeration tank just the second chamber of a large tank?

    Regardless, I think most of the scum and sludge will be in the first tank (or first section of a 2 chamber tank). I'd measure both though in order to assess how well the baffles and tank are working. Pump out whichever tanks have too much scum or sediment. Again, you'll probably need to pump the first for sure. But at some point you'll need to pump the second one.
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